What We Do

Desktop Support

Our desktop support technicians are computer wizards who actually enjoy solving IT puzzles – the more challenging the better. We specialize in computer setup, networking, repair and troubleshooting. We work on everything from desktops, laptops and tablets, to smartphones, printers and scanners. At Hello IT, our desktop technicians ensure your computers and devices are operating at optimum efficiency – so your company can operate that way too. Desktop services include end-user support, software installation, upgrades, patches and repair, installation and support of peripherals and accessories, and defense against malware, such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and adware.

VOIP Management

At Hello IT, say hello to simple and affordable telephone solutions – voice over IP. We handle everything, from design and installation, to staff training and troubleshooting. The choices in VoIP management are overwhelming. We simplify the process by selecting the system to best meet your needs and we work with your Internet Service Provider to make the installation and transition seamless for both you and your customers.

Network Administration

Your network is akin to a central nervous system – one that connects components, (computers, printers, data drives) to aid in communications, efficiency and productivity. Hello IT is always on call to assist you with these connections and safeguard the network against breakdown and malicious attacks. Our network administration technicians have expertise in virus and malware protection, VoIP and PBX, user account, remote access, and router and switch configuration.

Data Backup

Your data is your business. So automated, safe and reliable data backup is a must-have in today’s business environment. At Hello IT, we work with you to craft the data backup solution to best meet your needs and budget. Our backup systems are automated, secure and seamless. Your employees won’t even notice when the computers are backing up data, so work flow is never interrupted.


Developing an IT solution or troubleshooting a communications breakdown is only half of the challenge we face on a daily basis. Training managers and employees how to implement solutions and avoid future disasters is the other half. At Hello IT, our technicians can translate even the most complex concepts into easy to understand applications that make sense for your business.

Technology Consultation

If it works via outlet or battery, screen or hard drive, hardwire or wireless, Internet or Intranet, we can help you repair it, install it, network it and design it into a system that helps you grow your business.  Hello IT is particularly adept at helping growing businesses adapt their IT systems to best meet their needs and optimize their productivity in a simple, affordable manner.

Server Adminstration

To protect our most valued treasures, we typically place them under lock and key. With IT, that lock and key is your server – a virtual safe that houses your company’s most valued treasure – data.  At Hello IT, our job is one of caretaker of that data. We are on call 24/7 to assist you with all of your server support needs, including data backup and restoration, file directory management, email server management, server-side software installation and administration and SPAM, virus, spyware and malware protection.

Database Development

Every company is unique. Which means that project management within each company has its own set of unique database needs to service clients, manage vendors and boost productivity and profits. At Hello IT, our programmers can work with you to fine tune and customize an existing database program to work more efficiently. Or we can create an entirely new, customized database to meet your company’s unique needs. Your choice. The solution is waiting.

Application Development

Do you have an app for that? If you don’t, but would like to, say Hello to Hello IT’s application development division. Our in-house staff of talented developers and programmers are uniquely gifted in developing custom applications to meet our clients needs.

Web Development

If you’re not online, you’re not in business. Hello IT can help you create a formidable online presence via custom web applications designed specifically for your business or industry. We’re also equally adept at creating custom websites to generate customer traffic and/or online sales.

Communication Systems

How many devices do you use at work? Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone? Now multiply that by 40 or 400 employees. Tying all of these communications devices together to optimize communications can be a headache. At Hello IT, however, we call it an opportunity. We work with companies to streamline communication systems via networking, hardware, software, support and security.