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Hello IT Engineers Custom Database
to Boost Productivity


CHC Consulting provides consulting and engineering services and personnel to the telecommunications industry. Historically, projects were managed by multiple managers in different locations, and each used Excel to track and share project data. Although prone to errors, Excel was a workable solution because the scope of work was well-defined. Things changed dramatically in April 2011 when CHC Consulting’s key client named it vendor-of-choice in California, from Stockton down to the Mexican border. The volume of work spiked dramatically, the scope of work was no longer well-defined and consistency among projects was rare.


Develop a custom, database-driven application to handle the project management component of CHC Consulting’s end-to-end process.


Hello IT developed a web-based, user-friendly front-end for CHC Consulting employees. No special software has to be installed on users’ computers, tablets or smartphones. Access to the application is available universally with just an Internet connection. The back end MySQL database centralizes data, ensures its integrity and eliminates redundancies. The database not only centralizes and secures critical data, it also saves significant time previously lost to project managers who had to share information previously accessible only to a few. An update of the application is scheduled for release in Fall 2012 and will incorporate payroll and billing and give CHC Consulting clients 24/7, real time access to their project status.

Services used to reach our solution:

Network AdministrationDatabase DevelopmentServer AdminstrationApplication DevelopmentTechnology ConsultationTraining